Cancel order

You can cancel your order in any case:

  • During the checkout:

    by pressing the "Cancel" button you will return to your shopping cart and the order is cancelled.
  • Before order completion:

    After you have submitted your order, and the order status is "Pending", you can login to your account and find the order from the Order history and cancel it.
  • Your order is completed but the products have not shipped yet:

    you can call us at +30 (27210) 28713 and we will cancel your order.
  • After you have received the products:

    call us at +30 (27210) 28713 or fill in the online form, explaining the reason why you want your order cancelled. We will process your request immediately and you will be notified about your available options.
  • Your order have been invoiced:

    call us at +30 (27210) 28713 providing the order details. Your order request will be processed but the status of the online order will not be affected.